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Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

Wondering about the best DC area wedding venue? Check out these ideas!

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Follow as a wedding photographer plans a wedding - choosing a wedding venue.

Washington DC wedding venues

Washington DC venues that are perfect for your wedding or elopement!

Capitol Hill wedding venues

If you're planning a DC wedding or elopement you should definitely consider saying your vows on Capitol Hill, with its impressive neighborhoods and of course the House and the Senate!

Georgetown wedding venues

Georgetown is perfect for a DC wedding, elopement or courthouse wedding. With historic homes, shopping, hotels, great food, and view of the Potomac, Georgetown is beautiful!

Arlington wedding venues

Arlington, Virginia is located just outside of Washington DC and has plenty of scenic places for a wedding, elopement or courthouse wedding! My parents were married in Arlington.

Old Town Alexandria wedding venues

Old Town Alexandria is the perfect DC area location for your wedding, elopement or courthouse wedding! If it was good enough for George Washington, it's perfect for you!

Annapolis wedding venues

Slightly out of the way, but close to Washington DC, Annapolis is a beautiful historic waterfront location for a wedding, elopement or courthouse wedding.

Charlottesville wedding venues

Charlottesville, Virginia wedding venues